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This years beautiful Live Auction items for the Karamu.


It’s the 2019 Karamu!

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Thomas H. Kean Theatre Factory of the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ
3 Vreeland Road, Florham Park NJ

Come to the party celebrating with Kiwimbi’s 5th Annual Karamu!
Friends! Fun! Food!
Featuring once again the Highlands Dinner Club
~ PLUS ~
A variety of ways to have a life-changing impact, enabling rural farm families in Africa to create a better future for their kids.

2019 Karamu Corporate Sponsorship

In 2019, Kiwimbi will host our fifth annual benefit or “Karamu”. Karamu is a Swahili word meaning “party’ or “celebration,” and this year we have lots to celebrate! Our past Karamus have raised over $300,000 dedicated to providing opportunity through education. These funds enable people, especially children, in rural African communities to work their way out of poverty. Our mission inspires diplomatic, corporate, educational and grass roots community members to join the party and support this vital work.

This year’s Karamu will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019, at The Thomas H. Kean Theatre Factory, the behind-the-scenes home of The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. The evening event will feature a Kenya-inspired dinner, live auction, and African music – this is not your typical gala!

Corporate sponsorship is critical to the success of the Karamu, covering the event’s operating costs and more, thus ensuring that more money goes to our programs in Africa. We offer various sponsorship levels, each with specific benefits, as outlined in the attached description. We would, of course, be very grateful for any amount that you choose to contribute.

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Every Moment Counts

Your view of the world may not yet include a community in rural western Kenya where children often walk barefoot for miles to schools that offer little more than desks, a blackboard, and a teacher who lacks resources necessary to enable students to succeed academically. Kiwimbi International, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is providing children with an opportunity to learn so that they can create a productive life for themselves. We see a world where all people are empowered through education to enrich their lives and reach their fullest potential.

Kiwimbi is comprised of two organizations, a 501(c)(3) in the US and a corresponding NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in Kenya. We work to enrich the lives of families in sub-Saharan Africa by creating educational opportunities that empower individuals and strengthen the community.

Food for Thought

How does a child learn on an empty stomach? In under-privileged areas of sub-Saharan Africa, kids face this issue daily. In rural Kenya, these kids, some of whom live miles from school, typically walk home at lunch for a meal that may or may not be there – while at school they try to prepare for high-stakes exams that determine if they will continue with their education after Grade 8. 



Jambo! Kiwimbi Voices.


Learn more about the rise of African Literature here.  Kenyan writer Mukoma wa Ngugi, who was the special guest at the 2017 Karamu, has a new book:
The Rise of the African Novel: Politics of Language, Identity and Ownership
.  Click here to learn more!
(Or use Amazon Smile to benefit Kiwimbi while purchasing a copy!)  

Kiwimbi was interviewed on the Happy to Help Radio Show!

Talking with the folks from Kiwimbi today. Doing incredible work in education in Kenya.

Watch the radio broadcast.

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