Trustee, Kiwimbi International 

Marion believes that education is key, as it offers unique opportunities to understand the world, each other and hopefully find peaceful solutions. Importantly it can provide everyone, especially the poor, with equal opportunities for a shot at a well-paying job. An educated person is better able to contribute to society and with a better job, and help their own family.

Growing up, Marion was encouraged to get a good education as it would and did indeed elevate her choices in better paying jobs and, as a result, guide her toward helping others. She says, “One way to help others is to help them gain educational opportunities and this I could do.”

Marion says, “It is so easy to take advantage of those that are innocent and illiterate, simply because they are not aware of their choices and freedoms. In one small corner of the world, Kiwimbi’s educational assistance can make a difference to help young people learn how they may improve their lives and their future.“