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Some of the older students were assigned a project to write a short autobiography about themselves. Many of these stories have been brought together in the book KAP The Kiwimbi Autobiography Project, which was edited by Donna Baier Stein.


“There is a saying that ‘without education you are nothing in this world.’ Nelson Mandela said that, ‘Education is the only permanent riches that you can get from your parents.” I really enjoyed going to school so as to be an educated person in the near future. Despite the obstacles, I did not give up on life. I was sick all the time and there was a time I almost died in the hospital. That was not the only obstacle. Challenges are there and we are supposed to be strong in order to overcome them.

Be strong and courageous in everything you do. Never lose hope in life despite the challenges and obstacles, which are there to strengthen our lives. Finally, in happy moments, praise God; in quiet moments, worship God; and in painful moments, trust God.

Never lose hope in life. Be strong.” –  Nelson (St. Paul’s Amukura High School)


“On Friday morning while at assembly, the academic teacher announced that money was needed for the exam and I was flabbergasted at how I would get that money. Tuesday, we had to sit for the exam. During that weekend I tried my best, but in vain. I persevered until Monday. I woke up on Monday morning to prepare my siblings to go to school, and I headed to the school. In class, the teacher was calling out names of those who had paid and I wasn’t among them. The class teacher called me out and I remember walking towards him as if I had no blood within me. He sympathized with me and gave me kshs 200 and I was able to pay the fee. I was able to sit with others and successfully did the exam. 

I am hoping to become a lawyer and not only help my family, but also the whole community at large.” – Winnie (Moding High School)


“In most cases, people prefer a boy to progress with his studies over a girl. As the boy proceeds to High School, a girl is being forced into marriage and has no chance to defend herself. She is seen as a worthless object in the family. After getting married she leads a dog’ life, full of anguish without an end. Suppose she was given a chance to continue with her studies, would she have had such a miserable life? 

Girls can lead boys with prowess. Whatever girls and women want to do; they can do indispensably.” – Charity (Amagoro Girls High School)



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