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A key component of our work is geared towards children trying to prepare for the national exams. Their schools are so under-resourced that local children are unlikely to pass. By providing lunch as well as educational resources in school and at our Library, we give kids an opportunity to progress in school and expand their long-term prospects beyond subsistence farming.

The great news is that it is easy for you to make a difference by helping these kids stay at school!

Just join our Food for Thought monthly giving campaign. Lunches are needed year round, so monthly giving is a great way to commit to the program. Just click on the Donate Now button to make it happen.

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How does a child learn on an empty stomach? In under-privileged areas of sub-Saharan Africa, kids face this issue daily. In rural Kenya, these kids, some of whom live miles from school, typically walk home at lunch for a meal that may or may not be there – while at school they try to prepare for high-stakes exams that determine if they will continue with their education after Grade 8. 

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Kiwimbi operates a library in rural Kenya that offers students books to read and learn with. Without books, they don’t have a chance to pass national exams, meaning they will never make it to high school or beyond. Your donation will not only help in educating the underprivileged, but will create the next generation of writers, economists, and scientists.

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