About Kiwimbi International

We partner with underserved communities to create educational opportunities through locally run community learning centers

• 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.
• Founded in 2011, began operating in Kenya in 2012.
• Kiwimbi Kenya received its approval as an NGO (Non-governmental Organization, the Kenyan equivalent to a US charity) in 2015.

In Kenya we…

• Support underserved schools so students can pass national exams to progress to secondary school and university.
• Provide critical academic support in the foundational subjects of English and Math.
• Provide nutritious lunch for Grade 8 students preparing for their first national exam.
• Provide access to reading curriculum and exam preparation books.
• Provide vocational training for young adults.
• Provide agricultural training to enable farmers to grow crops more efficiently and counter deforestation.

Kiwimbi Funding

In 2017, thanks to the generosity of our contributors, Kiwimbi was able to send $108,000 to Kiwimbi Kenya including almost $28,000 for student lunches.

Kiwimbi Library & Community Centre

• First free library in Busia County.
• Visited by as many as 450 daily.
• Schools borrowing books: 53.
• Satellite lending libraries at 2 other locations.
• Students borrowing books: about 21,000. (ranging from 100 to 1,400 per school)
• Number of books: over 20,000 volumes and growing.
• Number of E-readers: 23.
• Museum to display artwork and cultural artifacts.


• National exam preparatory programs in English and math for Grade 8 students at 3 primary schools (nearly 200 students), including lunch so students can focus on their studies.
• Learning camps at Kiwimbi Library 3 times a year during school breaks.
• Weekend learning programs and Library access.
• Mentorship programs: Women of Substance and Life Skills.
• Outreach programs focusing on English literacy and public speaking at 33 schools: 3,300 students.
• Vocational programs in tailoring, carpentry, art, weaving, beading, and agro-forestry.
• English Access, an American Embassy program, with Elewana Education Project for select students from 5 secondary schools. LEARN MORE


In 2017, 29% of students participating in Kiwimbi’s Exam Prep program passed the national exam, compared with 16% nationally, and 3% in similar rural areas.

The impact is critical, because those who do not pass the exam cannot go to Secondary (high) school and are forever hampered in any attempts to build a livelihood for themselves and their families beyond subsistence farming.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Kiwimbi:

  • manages a public library with 20,000 volumes and newspapers in English and Swahili available to all members of the community as well as two satellite libraries
  • distributes books weekly by boda boda (motor scooter) to over 50 schools
  • consults with teachers to achieve effectiveness in classrooms of 60 or more students
  • works with students individually and in small groups to help them succeed academically
  • provides lunch nearly year-round to about 200 8th grade students in three local schools. 
  • offers vocational programs in sewing, carpentry, and the arts to improve the self-sufficiency of older students not destined for advanced education



Because your simple act of kindness can change a life forever!

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