Secretary, Kiwimbi Kenya

Eva is passionate about raising awareness on digital literacy through mentorship and open forums by encouraging school going children in rural Kenya on the importance of getting an education.

A graduate of JKUAT, Eva is a beneficiary of the Global Literacy Project (GLP-PAMLO) that sponsored her undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is appreciative of the fact that reading has opened more opportunities in attaining her career goals.

Children in primary school are failing to master basic literacy and numeracy skills compared to their counterparts in developed countries. To address this gap by advancing Literacy and Numeracy programs, Eva is actively involved in volunteering in her rural home hence the major reason she is inspired to join the Kiwimbi Board as it has given more children the opportunity to access community learning centers and locally run libraries.

She is confident that vision is in line with her passion through helping many school going children in rural Kenya to cultivate a habit of reading and consequently excelling in academics regardless of their background.

Eva believes that a society which reads is an empowered society and to quote Mason Cooley “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”

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