Treasurer, Kiwimbi International, Trustee, Kiwimbi International

Maurice was introduced to Kiwimbi through fellow trustee Martin Ouko. He already knew Kiwimbi’s Executive Director, Dr. Olubayi Olubayi, but they had lost contact when Olubayi relocated to Kenya around the time that Kiwimbi was first created. Maurice shared, “When I read Kiwimbi’s vision, the impact statement and testimonials, I was immensely impressed and wanted to be a small part of it. Kiwimbi has allowed me to reclaim fulfillment and the positive impact other people had on me when growing up under similar circumstances in Kenya. It has renewed my sense of meaning and motivation, knowing that helping and molding these young Amagorians, especially through education, into more empowered adults is a priceless gift. I have been a part of other organizations dedicated to facilitating lasting positive impact on underserved communities through education, health, food and water (environment) and I look forward to contributing and helping fulfill Kiwimbi’s vision through such experiences.