Executive Director, Kiwimbi International
CEO, Kiwimbi Kenya

Olubayi is delighted to be part of Kiwimbi because the opportunities, efforts, successes, failures and joys of his own life have sprung largely from “opportunity through education,” which happens to be Kiwimbi’s tagline. Olubayi grew up walking barefoot in the tiny village of Kakemer at the slopes of Mount Elgon in Western Kenya and has been able to create a meaningful and impactful life for himself because of access to educational institutions, educated role models, technology, and thousands of books in Kenya and the United States. 

Olubayi believes strongly that the best gift that the world can give each human being is a good education that equips them with knowledge, skills, the capacity for lifelong learning and humane values. Olubayi volunteers most of his free time in activities that include equipping others with tools for educating themselves.