Board Chair, Kiwimbi Kenya

Becky has always enjoyed reading since childhood, and this is the main reason why she supports Kiwimbi’s mission which includes setting up community centres that include libraries. Her mother still reminds her of how she would read everything including newspaper scraps that were used to wrap food items in the village where she grew up. Becky had a childhood habit of hiding in corners to read old newspapers uninterrupted for hours. 

Becky grew up at Koteko village which is just about six kilometres from today’s Kiwimbi library, She had no access to books, no access to a library because Kiwimbi did not exist, and her parents could not afford to buy the general reading books that she discovered later in life. Her parents could only afford to buy the mandatory and boring school textbooks. 

Becky’s first encounter with general reading books was secondary school where she spent most lunch breaks and after class free time in the school library. And the next library was at University and for her the size was overwhelming given her background, Becky adjusted and loved spending her free time at the overwhelming university library.  

Sometime along the course of her life she lost her strong habit of reading because she was surrounded by new friends and colleagues who do not read. Many years later, Becky returned to her childhood love of reading. Becky grew up at a time when education for girls was not embraced, but her parents strongly believed in education and supported her efforts. She attributes her success in life to her education.

Becky believes that the Kiwimbi Library at Amagoro is saving many rural lives by helping thousands of children to cultivate the habit of reading without which they will not succeed in school. Kiwimbi provides an avenue for Becky to share her belief in the value of books with the children and young people within her local community thus creating limitless opportunities for both individuals and the community. She believes that ‘a reading community is a growing and an empowered community’. Her hope is that small actions such as hers are creating the ‘ripple effect of Kiwimbi’ in the ‘sea’ of the community.  She wishes to encourage all to participate by donating just a fraction  of something  be it money, time, books, ideas or knowledge among other donations to the community through Kiwimbi. Becky says that this is our time to ask ‘what can we do for our community?’ Becky is sincerely thankful to all sponsors and friends of Kiwimbi for their great generosity. Asante sana.